• Image of Copper Cup
  • Image of Copper Cup
  • Image of Copper Cup

Ancient Vedic cultures used copper drinking vessels for their purported health benefits. These stunning handmade cups are made of high quality copper, stand 3.75” tall, are 3” across at the rim and hold 300mL.

Care and cleaning:
Hand wash with soap and warm water. To bring back it’s shine, scrub with a mixture of lemon juice and salt.

- copper has been shown to help enhance the metabolic process and improve energy levels.

-it plays an important part in building and maintaining healthy connective tissues

-it has been shown to help improve thyroid functionality

-Copper can help in the protection of critical systems, including the skeletal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems

-It is a vital component in melanin which can play a central role in helping you maintain healthy looking skin, hair and eyes.

-it also assists in the synthesizing of hemoglobin and collagen, both of which play an important role in helping keep our skin healthy and young looking

-Copper is a strong antioxidant capable of fighting free radicals and slowing the aging process

-it has been linked to the growth and development of HDL, or “good” cholesterol, in turn helping your cardiovascular system keep heart disease and stroke at bay